Электроприводы BELIMO / Электроприводы Belimo IP66/NEMA4 Привод BELIMO SF24G-MF-L

Артикул SF24G-MF-L
Вспомогательные переключатели Нет
Кабель 1 м, 4 x 0.75 мм
Крутящий момент 20 Нм
Питание 24 В~/=
Площадь заслонки 4 м
Присоединение Универсальный захват
Серия SF_G
Управление 20 Нм
Electrical data
Nominal voltage AC/DC 24 V
Nominal voltage frequency 50/60 Hz
Nominal voltage range AC 19.2...28.8 V / DC 21.6...28.8 V
Power consumption in operation 8.5 W
Power consumption in rest position 3.5 W
Power consumption for wire sizing 11 VA
Connection supply / control Cable 1 m, 4 x 0.75 mm
Parallel operation Yes (note the performance data)
Functional data
Torque motor Min. 20 Nm
Torque spring return Min. 20 Nm
Positioning signal Y DC 0...10 V
Positioning signal Y note Input impedance 100 k
Control signal Y variable Open-close
3-point (AC only)
Modulating (DC 0...32 V)
Operating range Y DC 2...10 V
Operating range Y variable Start point DC 0.5...30 V End point DC 2.5...32 V
Position feedback U DC 2...10 V
Position feedback U note Max. 0.5 mA
Position feedback U variable Start point DC 0.5...8 V End point DC 2.5...10 V
Position accuracy ±5%
Direction of motion motor Selectable with switch 0 / 1
Direction of motion emergency control function L (ccw)
Direction of motion note Y = 0 V: At switch position 0 (ccw rotation) / 1 (cw rotation)
Direction of motion variable Electronically reversible
Manual override By means of hand crank and locking switch
Angle of rotation Max. 95°
Angle of rotation note adjustable starting at 33% in 2.5% steps (with mechanical end stop)
Running time motor 150 s / 90°
Motor running time variable 70...220 s
Running time emergency control position ‹20 s / 90°
Adaption setting range manual (automatic on first power-up)
Adaption setting range variable No action
Adaption when switched on Adaption after pushing the gear disengagement button
Override control MAX (maximum position) = 100%
MIN (minimum position) = 0%
ZS (intermediate position, AC only) = 50%
Override control variable MAX = (MIN + 32%)...100%
MIN = 0%...(MAX – 32%)
Sound power level motor 40 dB(A)
Spindle driver Universal spindle clamp 12...26.7 mm
Position indication Mechanically, pluggable
Service life Min. 60,000 emergency positions
Protection class IEC/EN III Safety extra-low voltage
Protection class UL UL Class 2 Supply
Degree of protection IEC/EN IP66
Degree of protection NEMA/UL NEMA 4, UL Enclosure Type 4
EMC CE according to 2004/108/EC
Certification IEC/EN IEC/EN 60730-1 and IEC/EN 60730-2-14
Certification UL cULus according to UL 60730-1A, UL 60730-2-14 and CAN/CSA E60730-1:02
Mode of operation Type 1.AA
Rated impulse voltage supply / control 0.8 kV
Control pollution degree 4
Ambient temperature -30...50°C
Ambient temperature note -40...50°C for actuator with integrated heating
Non-operating temperature -40...80°C
Ambient humidity 100% r.h.
Maintenance Maintenance-free
Weight approx. 5.1 kg