Электроприводы BELIMO / Приводы для клапанов дымоудаления Привод BELIMO BR230

Electrical data
Nominal voltage AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power supply range AC 198 ... 264 V
Switching thresholds
Min. ON voltage
Max. OFF voltage

AC 198 V
AC 100 V
Power consumption
End position

7 W @ nominal torque
0.5 W
14 VA / lmax. 8.2 A at 5 ms
Auxiliary switch
Contact rating (silver contact)
(gold-plated silver contact)
Switching points

2 x 1 PDT
6 (3) A, AC 250 V
1 mA ... 6 A, DC 5 V ... AC 250 V
3° / 87° (referring to 0 ... 90°)
Auxiliary switch
Cable 1 m, 3 x 2 mm2 (halogen-free)
Cable 1 m, 6 x 2 mm2 (halogen-free)°
Functional data
Torque (nominal torque) Min. 15 Nm at nominal voltage
Inhibiting torque

15 Nm
18 Nm
Direction of rotation Can be selected by mounting L / R
Angle of rotation Max. 95° (incl. 5° mechanical overrun)
Running time ‹30 s for 90°
Sound power level Max. 60 dB (A)
Damper rotation 12 mm form-fit
Position indication Mechanical with pointer
Service life Min. 10 000 cycles
Protection class II totally insulated
Degree of protection IP54 in all mounting positions
EMC CE acc. to 2004/108/EC
low-voltage directive CE according to 2006/95/EC
Mode of operation Type 1.C (EN 60730-1)
Rated impulse voltage 4 kV
Control pollution degree 3
Ambient temp. range
Standard operation
> Safety function

-30 ... +50°C
See «Safety function»
Non-operating temperature range -40 ... +80°C
Ambient humidity range According to EN 60730-1
Maintenance Maintenance-free
Dimensions / weigh
Dimensions See «Dimensions» on page 3
Weight Approx. 2 700 g
Mode of operation
2-wire open-close control. The actuator is overload-proof and can thus remain energised even at  the end stops.

Two microswitches with fixed settings are installed in the actuator for indicating the damper end positions. The position of the damper blade can be read off on a mechanical position indicator.

Manual operation
The hand crank supplied with the actuator can be used for manual operation.The damper function can thus be tested easily.

Standards / regulations

•  Draft DIN 18232, Part 6, September 1992

–  Fire protection in industrial buildings
–  Smoke and heat extraction systems

•  Preliminary standard ONORM H 6029, May  1997
  Ventilation systems
  –  Fire smoke extraction systems
  Excerpts from:
  –  CEN/TC191, 1996
  –  NA BAU, 1997